About Us

About Us


Welcome to Cranberries Cafe, where Goodrich's past meets its future. The original framework for this building was constructed in 1836 when the town's first general store was constructed. In 1917 the building was rebuilt using bricks from the Atlas brick making plant of the early 1900s (the plant's foundation still stands and oddly enough, is practically in owner Patty Plant's back yard). Over the years, Cranberries' structure has housed several different businesses including the Goodrich Bank, an ice cream parlor, a tanning salon, a video rental, a trophy store and an antique shop.

Patty opened Cranberries Cafe in 1994 as a hometown deli that offered soups, salads and sandwiches. A fires struck the building in the summer of 1998 causing thousands of dollars of damage. After months of repair, the Cafe reopened its doors revealing the original tin ceilings of yesteryear.

Autumn of 2001 saw Cranberries add a new dimension by opening for dinner. Patty along with husband Mitch and new partner Bill Rausch handpicked the features that contribute to the warm ambiance that Cranberries Cafe is now known by. The sturdy cherry wood bar has known many friends. It is nearly one hundred years old hailing from a distant tavern in the Upper Peninsula. If you look close enough you can see the scars of rumored gunplay. The wine cooler is also a part of Michigan history as it was found via a collector in Traverse City. It was originally used before our common refrigeration era as a flower cooler in a floral shop. The ceilings 'tires' are actually smoke eaters and the artwork is contributed by family friend Caren Huizenga (we paid her with dinners).

The family of Cranberries Cafe appreciates its gracious patrons from the town of Goodrich, the rest of Genesee County and our "travelers." Come to see us soon!